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Fathers Day Blessing: Rare and Beautiful Treasures

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This one is for the Dads, and for the Dads in your life.

Proverbs 24:3–4 By wisdom a house is built,
    and through understanding it is established;
through knowledge its rooms are filled
    with rare and beautiful treasures.

Let’s be honest. All of us like a bit of treasure. For some of us that’s a bigger house or nicer car. For others, priceless artworks and rare artifacts. I, like most other men, particularly men my age (just south of forty), have certain ambitions. And I will admit that being in a ‘better financial position’ (whatever that means) is one of them. I think that is natural, and for the most part, God-given. We desire deeply to provide as best as we can for our families. But relentless focus on the destination can rob us of the beauty of the journey. And as my wife recently reminded me, focusing on the things that we do not have robs us of the blessing of the things that we do have.

My house may not be full of the sort of treasure that more money could buy. Maybe one day it will be, and maybe it won’t. But as a husband and father, my house is filled right now with five priceless treasures—my wife and four children! These are rare treasures indeed, because each of them is absolutely unique. One of a kind!

Dads, it doesn’t matter today whether or not you are ‘up to’ where you thought you might be up to at this point in your life. It doesn’t matter what your achievements may or may not be. It doesn’t matter how much you have or how little of what you want you now possess. You are a Father. You have been given by sheer grace, the gifts of your children. And regardless of how difficult they can be at times, they are unique, and incredibly valuable. You live in a treasure chamber!

Happy Fathers Day.

Author: Clayton Coombs

Christian, full time father, part time theologian, team member at David McCracken Ministries. Reader, writer. Optimist on most days, quiet on the others. Aspirational musician, recreational golfer.

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